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This section contains important Central and State notifications, Guidelines, Advisories and Court orders issued with reference to Covid-l9.

18 March 2020
District Administration, Gurugram, Government of Haryana
Notifies guidelines to prevent and contain Covid-19 outbreak
Labour & Employment – State & Union Territories
16 March 2020
Ministry of Civil Aviation
Standard Operating Procedure for passenger movement post disembarkation, issued by the Ministry in view of the Covid-19 pandemic
Regulatory Affairs
16 March 2020
Employees’ State Insurance Corporation
Relaxations provided to the employers regarding their ESI contributions for the months of February and March Certain provisions in the Employees' State Insurance (General) Regulations have been amended, to ensure certain relaxations for the employers regarding their contributions for the months of February and March. The contributions for these months can now be paid by 15th April and 15th May, respectively.
Labour & Employment - Centre
16 March 2020
Cochin Special Economic Zone
Special Economic Zone ("SEZ"), Cochin Development Commissioner ("Cochin DC") - Covid 19 relaxations. This update is relevant to units which are registered with the Cochin DC, SEZ. In other words, SEZ units in Bangalore. As per the relaxation provided on Mar 16, 2020, SEZ units registered with the Cochin DC are entitled to permit their employees to work from home ("WFH") subject to the following conditions: - Units permitting the WFH should do so with intimation to the Cochin DC. - The SEZ units should submit to the 'Specified Authorised Officer' of the respective zone, a list of Laptop/Desktops which are proposed to be removed from the concerned SEZ unit to enable their employees to WFH through secured network connectivity. - When the goods are brought back to the SEZ unit, the same shall be accounted for by the Specified Authorised Officer with the list already submitted.
Labour & Employment – State & Union Territories
15 March 2020
Police Commissioner of Mumbai
Imposition of Section 144 of CrPC as a measure to contain Covid-19 outbreak
Labour & Employment – State & Union Territories
13 March 2020
Health & Family Welfare Department, Bangalore
Banning gatherings at public places
Labour & Employment – State & Union Territories
12 March 2020
Software Technology Parks of India (‘STPI’), Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Allowing work from home for employees of STPI registered units and highlighting the enabling provisions which permit the same.
Labour & Employment - Centre

This section enlists articles and write-ups in which our lawyers have lent their perspective on important judgments and developments related to Covid-l9.

28 May 2021
Patent Waiver for Covid-19 Vaccines Necessary or Reckless (Mondaq)
Lynn Lazaro, Resident Partner
30 September 2020
Covid-19: Counterfeit Products and Fake Goods-Indian Law Perspective
Lynn Lazaro, Resident Partner
7 September 2020
COVID-19 : A Force Majeure Event Or Simply A Pandemic?
6 August 2020
Chennai Tribunal, holds loan foreclosure charges not subject to Service tax
Shampa Bhattacharya, Partner
24 June 2020
Covid-19: Impact on Right to Life and Personal Liberty during pandemic – Published in LexisNexis India
30 April 2020
Contracts and force majeure during a pandemic – Published in the Indian Business Law Journal – (Indo-Japanese Business Corridor)
28 April 2020
Injunctive relief against invocation of bank guarantee on the basis of special equities under section 9 of the arbitration act
Preetam D’Souza, Partner
Ranjit Mahishi, Partner
24 April 2020
Lockdown 2.0-MHA Notification -Some Ambiguities and Discrepancies Persist While New Ones Crop Up (Mondaq)
Manish Dembla, Partner
23 April 2020
Impact of Supreme Court’s order of March 23, 2020
20 April 2020
Covid 19-Company Law Update on the New Circular Issued by the MCA (IN) (Mondaq)
8 April 2020
E-Courts: A possible solution for pending litigation amid Covid-19?
Vishal Bhardwaj, Senior Associate
8 April 2020
Impact of Force Majeure in Indian commercial contracts
Preetam D’Souza, Partner
Ranjit Mahishi, Partner
3 April 2020
Functioning of Courts in India and Abroad during Covid-19 Pandemic
30 March 2020
9.After Drop in Sales, Will Covid-19 Lead to Eviction of Retailers from Malls (Mondaq)
24 March 2020
COVID-19: An Update for India March 24, 2020